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I'm Léna, 20, and this is the stuff I like.

Donc je risque de poster beaucoup de Supernatural, de Game Of Thrones et énormément de MCU. Vous retrouverez également du Seigneur des Anneaux ou du Hobbit, et dans une moindre mesure du Psych, du Breaking Bad, du Elementary, du Sons Of Anarchy, du Star Wars ou du Pacific Rim. Dans une pas si moindre mesure que ça, je poste aussi du Hannibal. Peut-être que je poste plus de Teen Wolf que je n'aimerais l'admettre... Je dis toujours que mon groupe préféré est AC/DC mais j'ai tendance à rebloguer beaucoup de My Chemical Romance.

Ah, et de temps en temps, je fais des posts sur des comics et il m'arrive de faire des gifs aussi.


"Could you do this show for another 9 years?"


I miss Maggie Siff. Maggie Siff was such a strong presence on the show and she was so great with her kids and us as a crew. I mean, part of my job is I have a crew of 200 people that I have to sort of marshal to do Sons of Anarchy, every episode in 7 days, and so the actors’ relationship with the crew - which you all probably don’t talk about because you’re so interested in the writing [laughs] - is really a big dynamic that influences it. And when actors are assholes, it becomes problematic; when actors are great and sensitive and prepared, it makes a huge difference. And there’s not a day that we shot Maggie Siff where she didn’t make the crew happy, where she didn’t make the directors happy, where she didn’t make everybody involved want to be on the show longer. She came and visited the set with her baby and it stopped the shooting because everyone loves her so much!
Paris Barclay, SDCC14 interview (x)

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Clintasha (AU) | I owe him a debt
Clint will do anything for Natasha... Anything.

David Boreanaz & Charisma CarpenterBehind the Scenes of Angel (2x05)

David Boreanaz & Charisma Carpenter
Behind the Scenes of Angel (2x05)

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i formally apologize to anyone who knew me when i was 13

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to fight monsters we created monsters of our own.

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Mohawk Storm will always be the best Storm @heroesonline #fcbd




Mohawk Storm will always be the best Storm @heroesonline #fcbd


I don’t mind. I think there’s a prevalent, arrogant opinion in rock music, where people assume that the kids don’t know shit. And I think I’d rather be playing to 14-year-olds who aren’t jaded and whose record collections don’t exist to impress their friends. It’s this adult idea of guilty pleasures. ‘Oh I like this, but I don’t want anyone to know that I do,’ which is so pretentious. I don’t believe in that. There is something honest about the fact that the kids like your band, and that’s a great reward for us. There is no pretense.
Patrick Stump on how he responds to critics who say Fall Out Boy is a band that only 14-year-olds can like in an interview with The Aquarian published on December 27, 2006
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when u type ;) instead of :)

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